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Wed, Apr. 20th, 2005, 09:11 pm

From immortalzodd:

1. One day, you call me and all you can hear is gurgling. You rush to the scene of the crime, to find that I have been transmorphed into a squid. Your first reaction, after realizing it's me, is..?

- "How did you pick up the phone?" Or maybe, "Shock, then horror, and oh noooooooo! Where is my Benjy?!"

2. You live in a gingerbread house, and daily, vultures attempt to destroy it in flocks. How do you plan on protecting your house, and with what tools do you accomplish this?

- Anti-aircraft guns. (Do I get to have a Benjy in this gingerbread house?)

3. Elaborate on the inherent sexiness of Miyavi. Include diagrams when necessary.

- You are mistaken. "Sexy" does not correspond with the powers of Miyavism. That is a whole different thing. The key to Miyavism is, "Super attitude, talent, and style!"

4. You have been horribly mutilated in a freak whipped-cream accident. When you wake up, scientists have rebuilt your body using biomechanics. How would you want your new robo-suit to look and function?

- As for function, it should work like my old body used to, except for better legs and feet. And for looks, much like I do now, but maybe not so pear-like. -.-;

5. You're on the moon, rushing towards an alien artifact with unknown destructive powers. On the other side, exactly the distance you are from the artifact, stands a massive insectoid creature, intent on capturing said artifact before you can. Do you abandon the quest and leave the planet to unimaginable catastrophic events, or do you ready your trusty space-knife and prepare to duke it out with the beast?


From therealkeitaro:

1. If you could have any automobile on the earth, which would it be?

- A good working one. Good safety record, comfortable, and good gas mileage. Easy and cheap to maintain. You do the analysis.

2. Do you think that a tree that falls in the forest makes a sound if you're not there?

- Of course it does. What do you think happens to the things living in the tree? Do they magically stay stuck up in the air?

3. Army Ants vs. an equal number of Spiders: Explain

- I don't know - let's get some of each and try.

4. Why would you want it to be me on a desert Island if the first thing I'd do is kill the person with me for food and resources :P?

- Oh, I assumed you'd kill your sister because a) she's your sister, and b) she's useless. But if you put it that way, I guess I'll have to take someone else. Nyaaaaah.

5. If you could be stuck with 2 people on the desert island (other than me) who would you take and why?

- Ben and Erin. They're good company, have decent heads on their shoulders, and have read enough books to know something useful. I figure if we get desperate, we'll look in Ben's pants to see if there's anything useful in there. And if things don't go so well... there's no better company to die with. ^_^ (This includes the fearsome cannibal Dan-poo.)

Edit - From animelily:

1. Do you have a favorite memory from high school?

- Probably Anime Night. Some of the Anime Club meetings were good for a few laughs, too. Meeting Erin-chan. Meeting Dan-poo. Meeting Benjy. Etc.

2. What's the difference between Mello Yello and Mountain Dew?

- I don't think I'd drink Mello Yello. I would drink the Dew, but I'd be mindful of my sperm count.

3. What's your favorite broadway musical other than of Phantom?

- Yuck, I don't like musicals. Phantom is an anomaly.

4. Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

- Over the hill. Married, with kids, working. Looking at retirement, sending kids to college, beating aforementioned kids with sticks when they misbehave, etc. Hopefully still having a sex life.

5. Any new piercing project planned?

- I'm still thinking about it. There's the I-want factor balanced with the pain/healing factor. I'll be thinking about it over the summer - I may put more holes in my ears, and/or I start adding holes to my mouth. We'll see.

And I guess if you guys want me to give you questions, I will. Comment.

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You've been such an active kitty lately.


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Sun, Apr. 24th, 2005 10:48 pm (UTC)
shades_children: Questions

1. You're walking home from school one day, and you find a . What is ?

2. Write about the merits of Yu~ki's song "I want to live in a chocolate house".

3. "As it flies through space, the spaceship goes, 'Pyuuuuuuuuuuuu!' And the giant robot arm locking onto the target goes, 'Krcht-krcht-krcht-krcht!' And the giant laser beam goes, '!'" Fill in the .

4. What is the title of your doctoral thesis?

5. Why are giant robots, ice cream, and kitties so fun?

Sun, Apr. 24th, 2005 10:49 pm (UTC)
shades_children: Re: Questions

*sigh* Let's try that again.

1. You're walking home from school one day, and you find a blank. What is blank?

3. "As it flies through space, the spaceship goes, 'Pyuuuuuuuuuuuu!' And the giant robot arm locking onto the target goes, 'Krcht-krcht-krcht-krcht!' And the giant laser beam goes, 'blank!'" Fill in the blank.

Thu, Apr. 21st, 2005 12:46 pm (UTC)